Providing personalized evaluations and testing for learning disabilities to St. Louis families for more than 30 years

Begin the process of getting to the root of your child’s issues:

When a child struggles academically or socially, most parents want to implement a solution as quickly as possible. The consequence of a “quick fix” is that the underlying problem is often misinterpreted or overlooked. Thus begins a frustrating cycle that can affect the child’s relationships, love of learning and success in the classroom.

With more than 70 years combined special education and testing experience in St. Louis, Pam Kennedy and Louise Thomas at Testing 1, 2, 3 offer psycho educational evaluations to help identify the source of learning and social issues.

Our professional, one-on-one approach can quickly address classroom struggles and identify personalized solutions and accommodations to keep the student on track for success.

We are available for after school and weekend testing to accommodate your busy schedule.

Our Services

  • Psycho Educational Evaluations
  • Post High School Assessments
  • ADHD Screenings
  • Behavioral Screening
  • Screening for Autism
  • On-site observation
  • Educational Consulting

Psycho Educational Evaluations

Academic/social history, cognitive processing and academic assessment to identify special education needs.

Post High School Assessments

For high school junior and senior students who need updated evaluations to access services in college

ADHD Screenings

Psycho Educational evaluation, academic/social history and behavioral checklist to identify ADHD

Behavioral Screening

Psycho Educational Evaluation, social history and behavioral checklist to address emotional needs

Screening for Autism

In-depth interview, academic/social history, rating scales and observation to screen for autism spectrum disorder

On-site observation

Observation of child in various academic settings

Educational Consulting

Brainstorming with parents and teachers, assistance with finding tutors, recommendations and suggestions for accommodations.

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